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Here at Essex Solar Power Systems we have been installing PV Systems in Essex and South Suffolk for over 5 years. Our parent Company APS Renewables based in North Essex has developed our side of the company to cope with the increased demand in Solar Installations while APS concentrates more on other renewable technologies, i.e. Solar Thermal, Air Source and Ground Source Heating, Air Recovery Systems etc.

Our fully qualified Electricians work alongside our roofing expert to install systems with no hassle or problems.

We are MCS Registered and are members of the NICEIC.





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Feed in Tariff News 11/05/2014

Feed-in Tariff scheme Overview, basics, how it works The Feed-in-Tariff scheme (FITs) is a UK government programme intended to stimulate the uptake of small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity-generating technologies...more

Energy Performance Certificates 11/05/2014

Notes on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) To claim the top rate of feed-in tariff from 1 April 2012, all buildings to which solar PV panels are mounted or wired must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of band D or better...more