Benefits of Solar

Solar Power - Do you know the ten basic facts about Solar Power for UK Homes?

1. Solar panels (known as photovoltaic (PV) panels) can be fitted on your home to generate the same type of electricity used in your home to power your washing machine, dishwasher, TV etc.

2. Solar panels turn light into electricity, as long as there is sufficient light they will produce electricity for your home. If you do not use it it goes into the National Grid.

3. Today's panels produce a good deal of electricity. They can supply most of your total electricity demand (on an averaged annual basis) and much more if you make your home more energy efficient (with 'A-rated' appliances, low energy lights, etc)

4. The PV panels are connected to the grid so your solar power is either used up when you use it or it goes out to someone else's home - not a single drop is wasted. If you need a top up you can use electricity from the grid (just as you have always done before).

5. Like other European Countries the UK now has a Feed-in Tariff which guarantees a fixed prices for ALL the power you produce for 25 years.

6. MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited installers have to be used in order to claim for Feed-in Tariff.

7. In the UK the best arrangement is south facing panels inclined at an angle of 30 - 35 degrees and shadow free.

8. Solar panels have no moving parts and their performance is normally guaranteed by manufacturers for 25 years which means no maintenance and no hassle and they could keep generating juice for as long as 40-50 years.

9. Solar Panels become carbon neutral in 2-5 years which can means you will have over 35 years of clean green electricity. By installing solar panels you will meet your personal contribution to the UK's reduction in carbon emission reduction.

10. A Solar system will return about 10 - 12% on your investment year after year. The feed in tariff you receive is index linked so the return increases year on year.

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