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PV Feed In Tariffs Solar PV Feed in Tariffs give anyone who generates their own electricity through Solar Panels – including home owners, public sector bodies, charities and businesses – the opportunity to earn a tax-free income for 20 years and to cut their energy bills.

There are three ways to earn and save money from Solar PV Feed in Tariffs: through the Generation Tariff, Export Tariff and Bill Savings.

The Generation Tariff pays you for each unit of electricity that is produced, regardless of whether it is used, for 20 years. The FIT pays 14.38p per unit of electricity generated for systems up to 4kWp, and 13.03p per unit for systems over 4kWp and up to 10kWp.

The Export Tariff pays an additional 4.77p for each unit of electricity that is not used and is exported back to the national grid.

Substantial Bill Savings are to be gained as the electricity that is generated can be used at the source, resulting in lower energy bills.

Get rewarded for every unit of electricity you generate via the Government Feed-in-Tariff whether you use the electricity or not. For the electricity you don’t use you get paid an additional amount for every unit which is exported to the National Grid. The best thing is these payments are tax-free, index-linked and guaranteed by the Government for 20 years. This is currently the best investment available in the country with a pay back period estimated at 6-7 years. Essex Solar Power Systems will prepare a detailed forecast of your expected feed in Tariff and investment returns.


Despite the cuts to the feed-in-tariff there still remains significant benefits when you install a solar PV system. In addition to the carbon savings and reduced energy bills, the return on investment (ROI) for your PV system could provide a substantial financial benefit and in many cases could be a far better investment than putting money in the bank or high risk investment vehicles.

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