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Selcott Farm in Suffolk has installed a 150kW solar PV system which will achieve financial payback within six years and generate a combined revenue and savings of over £1,000,000 within 25 years.

Allen Richards the owner of Selcott Farms was alarmed at the prospect of increasing energy bills. he also wanted lomg term fuel security, an an end to rising energy bills and the opportunity to secure an additional income stream through the installation of the renewable energy technology.

"Installing a Solar PV system on the farm was an excellent choice for us and a perfect solution I would think for many more Farmers and businessess. Importantly it allows businessess to become sustainable and operate in a way that is far more cost effective and significantly reduces our operating costs. Not to mention that the combined savings and income is 100% covered by our renewables loan that we took out to cover the costs of the installation"

"In addition, we are now much greener and the system is straight forward to run with Essex Solar Power providing strong technical back up and support whenever we need it."

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